Thursday, 8 December 2011

It must suck being busy

I apologize, I was hoping to have a wonderful recipe for you all to enjoy this evening, ready to fire.
However, the day as it was, I was too busy to file a recipe today.

That said, Stacey has requested our Vegan Cupcake recipe, so tomorrow, Stacey will get what Stacey wants. I'm all Christmas-y like that. Just ask SantAdam, and be on the "good" list, and you just might get what you wished for.

Now, since you took the time to come all the way here to read something that isn't here, let me at least make it worth your while.

Here's a fun little ditty that has nothing to do with the holidays, and everything to do with robots!

Oh, and remember we are starting the "12(ish) recipes of Christmas" starting this Monday.

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