Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another Christmas Treat - Jack's Cranberry Sauce

As much as possible, I plan to post daily leading up to Christmas. Equipping you with fun recipes to share with your vegan and non-vegan friends over the holidays.

So here we go, I'm a fan of cranberry sauce. I'll eat it straight, I'll put it on toast, I'll put it on mashed potatoes and when I ate meat, I couldn't see what I was eating because of the amount of cranberry sauce.

A co-worker kindly gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels, which in all honestly I probably enjoy just as much, if not more than, cranberries. This got me to thinking, what if I combined the two things I love.

But first, I blame part of my love of cranberries on my summers spent up north in Bala, which happens to have a Cranberry Festival. If you love cranberries half as much as I do, the cranberry festival is pretty cool...in a food nerd kind of a way. http://www.balacranberryfestival.on.ca

For music, my neighbour is currently listening to Janis Joplin. If you can handle that, go at 'er. Me, I'm putting on headphones to get into a holiday mood, and listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN6mgb68Fbo&feature=fvst

Alright, let's get into the sauce.

You'll need:
A bag of Cranberries, I think they are 14 oz
3/4 cup of Orange Juice
1 Tbsp Orange Zest (optional)
1 Cup Brown Sugar (add a bit more if you like it sweet)
4 Cloves
1/2 TSP (or "to taste" or "dash") Cinnamon
1/4 Cup Jack Daniels Old No.7 Sour Mash Whiskey.

In a nice strong pot combine/dissolve the sugar into the orange juice
Add the Cloves, Cinnamon, and Zest
Add the Cranberries and cook and stir until they pop.

If storing:
Remove from heat and cool
Once cool, stir in 1/4 Jack Daniels

If eating today:
Remove from heat and cool SLIGHTLY
Once SLIGHTLY cool, stir in 1/4 Cup Jack Daniels and serve.

And there you go. A simple, delicious cranberry sauce.

Go easy on the sauce kid.

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